Children's multiactivity

From 9.00 am to 4.00 pm


The multi-activity course consists of receiving knowledge of 3 activities such as sailing, canoeing and paddle surfing and an environmental workshop with our partner Mar de Fondo. Instructors will accompany the children throughout the day. In the morning they will do paddle, canoe and paddle surf activities and in the afternoon they will do sailing. In each activity they will be taught basic notions, material care, safety at sea and little by little the students will expand their knowledge and skills for the practice of the 3 activities.



Punctuality at the entrance and exit

The barrier will open 10 minutes before the start of the course.

Students should arrive with the appropriate clothing to practice the activity. 

Showers are outside



Use of own life jacket that will bring and take home each day, in case of using one of the sailing school, it is mandatory to use a T-shirt.

Avoid single-use plastic.

Water bottle that can be refilled. Do not share a water bottle.

To who it is designed for 

- Children from 8 to 12 years old and under 14 years old who have never sailed before.

- To take the course it is essential to know how to swim.




Duration, dates, schedules

The course is weekly from Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 16.00h. Workshop from 08.00 to 09.00 optional.


There are several weekly sessions:

It is possible to book by weeks. From the third week onwards in the same reservation, a 5% discount is applied.


Course description

- 09.00 Canoeing or paddle surfing: preparation of equipment, departure to the sea, return and collection of equipment. Children under 10 years old play with these activities.

- 10.30 Snack (bring from home).

- 11.00.   Canoeing or paddle surfing: preparation of equipment, departure to the sea, return and collection of equipment. Children under 10 years of age will play while practicing these activities.

- 13.00 Lunch at the Sailing School facilities in the open air and in the shade respecting the limitations of the government at that time.

- 14.00 Sailing activity will take place in collective boats Ludic or RS Venture for beginners. Learning will cover: operation of the boat, preparation of the equipment, going out to sea, return and collection of equipment.

- 16.00 Pick up of the students


Within this schedule there will be a sustainability workshop by our partner Mar de Fondo.



- Appropriate clothing (wetsuit, swimsuit, lycra or t-shirt, shorts)

- Rubber/neoprene shoes/boots

- Sun protection and hat

- Spare clothes (including swimsuit, shoes, towel and mask)

- Water bottle or reusable water bottle


Registration deadlines and admission criteria

- The deadline for registration is until the beginning of the course while there are still places available.


Discounts applicable on the registration fee

- Large family

- Single-parent family (with family card or family book)

- Two or more siblings

- From the 3rd call onwards. 


Refund for cancellation

An alternative will be offered in the form of private courses or rental vouchers for the amount paid for the cancelled course.